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Where can I find my tracking number?

All tracking numbers are emailed instantly once the product is shipped. Check you spam folder in case the email went there, and mark it as not spam so you get future shipping updates. You can also find your tracking number by logging into your account and checking your order history.

I can't reset my password / I can't get into my account.

This most likely means you checked out as a guest. Just shoot us an email and we will send you an account invite to convert your email into an active account so you can redeem and earn rewards, track your order history, and more.

My package says it was delivered, but it was not. What should I do?

If theft is common in your area, you may first want to call your local authorities. Sometimes a package may have been delivered to a neighbor by accident, or never got off the truck, and will be delivered in the next 1-2 days.

How can I become a sponsored athlete or brand ambassador?

There is no specific checklist to become part of the team. Our team is made up of athletes with all different levels of popularity, age, appearance, and backgrounds. We have a limited number of spots each year, and we are always scouting among our existing customer base for new potential athletes. If you are not a genuine user of the brand it will be impossible to be scouted by our team.

I just made a purchase and the first charge didn't go through, but the second one did. However my bank shows two charges. Will I be charged twice?

You will not be charged for the declined/error charges. Some banks hold the additional charges as "pending" or "processing" for 24 hours. You will see them disappear and will never be a "completed" or "posted" charge on your card.

I keep getting a Gateway Error when trying to checkout. What should I do?

This is typically an error in the billing address on the credit card. If you continue to get the error, try checking out with PayPal or Amazon Pay instead.

Do you have free samples?

We have many samples available on our website at a very low cost. We also send free samples on every order!

Are these products safe when pregnant or breastfeeding?

For all supplements, not just our brand, you should get approval from your medical professional before taking anything when pregnant or breastfeeding.

How do I check how many reward points I have?

Just log in to your rewards account and you will see your rewards there! You can redeem your reward points at the shopping cart once you have enough.

What is the difference between Prolific and High Volume

Good news, we have it laid out perfectly in this blog article.

How can I manage/change/cancel my subscription?

Easy! Just log into your account on our store, and click the Manage Subscription link you see on the account details page.