The Origin

Established in 2010, PEScience was founded by athletes that wanted better supplements – those based on trusted science that solved problems athletes faced when managing intense training regiments.

This passion drives who we are today. We don’t settle for copycat products. We create products based on sound science using high quality ingredients that we source ourselves, and we are obsessive about our flavors and textures.

We have gone from a passion-project 15 years ago to a multi-channel brand today because our customers appreciate how our products help them achieve their goals. We are grateful for the trust you place in us every day when you buy our products.

Our mindset has always been simple. In an industry crowded with companies prioritizing branding and marketing, we prioritize formulation and quality. At the end of the day, customers care most about what is going into their body. So why not choose the best?

Quality Control

Quality control and third-party testing are more than a couple buzzwords. It's a day-in and day-out commitment by our entire organization.

Our Process

All of the facilities in which PEScience products are manufactured are audited by our selected professional or third party firm, and then qualified further before we discuss production. Below are just a handful of important steps that are taken in our quality program:

✓ Staff are formally trained on proper GMP procedures

✓ Manufacturers are audited and qualified

✓ Products are made in a true GMP facility in which we have approved

✓ Products stored in, packed in, and distributed from a GMP facility

✓ Raw material suppliers are enrolled in a vendor qualification program to ensure consistent quality

✓ Raw materials undergo third-party testing for pesticides, microbials, identity, purity/assay, and heavy metals before going into the product

✓ Finished products are re-tested via third-party for microbials, heavy metals, identity, purity/assay, and label claims