Over the years there have been countless issues with low quality protein on the market. From 2014-2016 amino acid spiking was a major problem in the industry, where companies were falsely labeling cheap amino acids as protein content on their labels. More recently there has been issues from certain brands' protein not meeting the label claim for the amount of protein per serving, as well as heavy metal issues.

If you are one of our many loyal customers, you already know that the quality control and science that goes into our products is paramount to our business, as outlined in The PEScience Difference. Since we are already testing our products as outlined in The PEScience Difference, we figured we would take it one step further and begin to database it publicly.

If you don't see your Select Lot# here yet, you will shortly. Currently it is a very manual process to load all the results to our website, but we are committed to getting them all up.