Prolific and High Volume - What's the Difference?

Prolific and High Volume share a lot of similarities when it comes to pump and performance. Both will take your workout to the next level. However there is one striking difference between the two products:

High Volume = Caffeine & stimulant free. The High Volume formula is focused around only pump and performance, not energy. This makes it the perfect product for those wanting to avoid caffeine, those who have already consumed caffeine from something like an energy drink, coffee, Alphamine, etc., or those who are training later at night and don't want caffeine that close before bed.

Prolific = Contains caffeine. Prolific offers an amazing pump and performance experience just like High Volume, with the additional of two types of caffeine + multiple cognitive compounds for that focused, mind-muscle connection.

Why do some people purchase the Prolific and High Volume Stack? You may often see people who are stacking Prolific and High Volume. These users are typically looking for a medium amount of energy from 1 scoop of Prolific, but want a huge pump and performance experience, so they add in a scoop of High Volume. By taking 1 scoop of each Prolific and High Volume, it is like they are getting 2 scoops of "pump & performance" with 1 scoop of energy. If you choose to stack them, you can just mix them in the same cup together.

Do you need to stack them? Not at all. Both products are formulated to be fully effective by themselves. Some users have just found their special pre-workout cocktail blend that they personally prefer.

How does Alphamine fit in? Our third and final product in the pre-workout category is Alphamine. Alphamine does not have any type of pump or performance angle. It is strictly an energy powder. It contains 125mg caffeine per scoop and 84 scoops per bottle, making it the most cost effective energy product you will find. You can use Alphamine in place of when you'd normally consume a coffee or energy drink.

Prolific and High Volume - What's the Difference?
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