Does Fasted Cardio Accelerate Fat Loss?

Does fasted cardio accelerate fat loss?

The main theory behind fasted cardio is if you train on an empty stomach when glycogen and insulin levels are lower you should be able to preferentially use stored fat for fuel.

This theory also has evidence to support it. Ingesting glucose during an aerobic workout has shown to decrease lipolysis (the breakdown of fatty acids). Fasted training has also shown to increase fatty acid oxidation versus fed cardio.

However, this is what is known as acute research, it shows us what happens in the short term but not necessarily how this pans out in the long term. Most people just want to know if they have to do fasted cardio to get better fat loss.

One six week trial on high intensity-interval training compared fasted to fed training and showed no significant differences in body mass, fat mass or fat free mass between conditions. 

One four week trial compared fasted vs fed cardio during a dieting phase and showed no significant differences in body composition either.

A meta analysis on the topic also showed no significant differences between fasted and fed cardio on measures of body composition

To summarize, the research to date suggests that fasted cardio is not superior to fed cardio for weight loss, when dietary intake is the same.

Interestingly though, performing cardio training prior to breakfast has been shown to reduce total daily food intake which of course would help promote faster weight loss.

So long story short, pick whichever you prefer and whichever fits your schedule although some people may find that fasted training is a good strategy to help keep their daily food intake lower. 

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Does Fasted Cardio Accelerate Fat Loss?
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