Milk Protein Isolate Stands Apart | Nature Had It Right

Milk protein is 80% casein and 20% whey, a combination that makes it superior to either whey or casein alone (1).

Select uses only the best, Milk Protein Isolate; we've trimmed down the fat and carbohydrate content, leaving you with the 20/80 whey-casein protein ratio and synergistic growth factors intact (refer to figure 1). In fact, Milk Protein Isolate is the first ingredient we use in Select.

Also note the very minimal lactose content in milk protein isolate compared to milk protein concentrate products (1). Indeed, MPI may be the single best protein source money can buy.

Studies have repeatedly shown that milk may be the optimal post workout drink due to the unique delivery and interplay of milk protein's components: whey protein and casein protein together (2).

In fact, further research shows that even if amino acid content of a protein is held constant, milk protein augments lean muscle accrual to a greater degree than fast-digesting hydrolyzed proteins due to the unique pattern of amino acid delivery that only milk protein can provide (3).



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Milk Protein Isolate Stands Apart | Nature Had It Right
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