SHIFT Supplement - PEScience
SHIFT Supplement - PEScience
SHIFT Supplement - PEScience


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Le légendaire Alphamine, désormais en format capsule. Chaque capsule délivre une explosion d'énergie thermogénique à partir de deux formes de caféine, l'aframomum melegueta (6-paradol), la théanine et notre mélange unique d'extraits de feuilles d'olivier fournissant à la fois de l'hydroxytyrosol et de l'oleuropéine. Cette capsule soigneusement formulée délivre à chaque fois.

Versatile Caffeine-Free Formula

Stand-Alone Use

We formulated SHIFT after a realization of a very frustrating issue for consumers...the vast majority of fat burners on the market contain caffeine or other stimulants. On the other side of the spectrum the caffeine-free products available never lived up to their hype, leaving consumers frustrated and thinking they had to reach for the caffeinated products even when they may be sensitive to caffeine.


SHIFT has gained popularity for its use in fat-loss stacks. Some users love a caffeinated thermogenic, like Alphamine capsules, and they want to add something more to their regimen to take their stack to the next level. SHIFT makes a perfect compliment to caffeinated thermogenics. The most popular stack we see is the Summer Shred Stack, where users take both SHIFT and Alphamine capsules according to their normal directions.

Versatile & Stackable

Quick Science


Newer research has shown that two main components, oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol, are responsible for the majority of the benefits of olive leaf extract.

The problem when you standardize your extract for one component is that you lose most of the other. We solved his problem by standardizing two separate extracts, and then blending them into one, oleaBURN™.


Stimulating the metabolic furnaces known as BAT is one the latest approaches to burning fat. Aframomum has been shown in 2 human studies to activate BAT, increase calories burnt, and reduce visceral fat.

SHIFT uses a full serving of Aframomum extracted for 6-paradol, the key compound in the herb.

Glucose Support

Having a product like SHIFT that can support the digestion, absorption, and disposal of carbohydrates can be integral when you are eating your carby-meals, or even say, your cheat meals!

This new added angle makes SHIFT your ultimate sidekick when it comes to eating carbs.

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